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Storage Advice from Montgomery Self-Storage

At Montgomery Self-Storage we strive to provide value and the highest level of service to our customers. Over many years our team has gained helpful experience to make your storing days easier by giving you tips to make the most of your storage rental.

Storage tips from Montgomery Self-Storage Oxnard, California

Packing and Protection

  • When wrapping dishware and fragile glass items, consider custom form fitting dish kits to keep these items well cushioned to absorb light impact.
  • Using large wardrobe boxes to get items out of the closet and hanging just as they were will keep them in good shape and keep from wrinkling. (*Helpful hint: Use the empty space in the bottom of this box for shoes.)
  • Cover table tops, nightstands and dressers with moving pads to help keep them from getting scratched if other items are stacked on top.
  • Use plastic wrap on dressers to keep drawers closed while moving. (*Helpful hint: Use the space in drawers to store light non-essential items and save space.)

Arranging Your Storage Unit

  • To help use all the space available in your new storage rental disassemble bed frames, remove table legs and stand sofas upright when possible to get the most out of the overhead space.
  • Consider setting up freestanding shelving units to organize smaller items such as books, tools and collectibles.
  • Create a labelling system using colors so that you can quickly identify boxes in your storage unit.
  • Remember to keep items that you may need to access often toward the front of your self storage unit to avoid having to move other boxes out of the way to get to them.
  • Take a photo of the wiring setup of your electronics and label cords with color coded tape to make setting up easier when you’re ready to get them out of storage.
  • Keep larger items such as refrigerators and mattresses toward the back of your storage space to make smaller items easier to access.
  • Leave an aisle down the center of your unit when moving in so that you are able to get to items in the back more easily.

Montgomery Self-Storage

183 Montgomery Ave
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